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image to text limited time offer

Limited Time Offer – Image to Text

We here at HMA Labs are working hard to provide the best experience possible to Image to Text OCR Scanner Android app users. Last week we released a new version that will give users who want to enjoy premium features more options and subscription plans. The plans include monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual subscription plans. …

Convert PDF to Word

Image to Text OCR Scanner: Convert PDF to Word with ease!

At one point, each person has tried to convert a hardware copy of a document to text that is usable by a computer and other software. Scanners came and saved the day by allowing one to derive text from paper. And then turn them into usable digital formats like Microsoft Word. Scanners were bulky, and thus mobile applications were …

The Facebook Video Downloader You Want: FaceLord

Facebook is among the giants of social media. Here, information flows and is shared in many forms. The video is one of the popular means of sharing information, data or just having fun on this platform. The videos on Facebook can either be shared on, or downloaded by viewers for their personal use. For those …

Twitter Video Downloader

Finally! A Twitter Video Downloader That Does it All

We’ve all been there: you find the funniest, most meme worthy video on Twitter and you want to save it for just the right occasion to spring on your significant other, best friend, co worker, or cat. But anyone who’s ever tried to download an embedded video from Twitter has attempted the nine step process …

The new Instagram Video Downloader

Redefining Instagram Experience with Instagram Video Downloader

We can all agree that Instagram is an excellent application. But the double tap feature can only be so good for so long. An Instagram video downloader is the only wish for most Instagram users when they see a video and don’t have the means to save it to their own devices. Here is where third party applications come …

TweetLord Save Twitter Videos

How to Download Twitter Videos to Your Phone

If you are in a search for a way to download Twitter videos. Here is a simple tutorial on how to download twitter videos and save them on your Android device and later share or use them anywhere. We all love Twitter. Many times it is the ideal place to get the latest news and information …

Download Facebook videos

How to Download Facebook Videos on Android Smartphones

We all use Facebook on daily basis because there so much great content shared on this social network. Since the introduction of the automatic video playing feature and since last year when Facebook clearly stated that it will show more video content on Facebook feed, more and more content creators started sharing great videos. Download …

Image to Text

How to Convert Image To Text With An Android Phone

If you are in the search for an app that will help you convert image to text with an Android phone, we have a simple app that will do magic for you and all you need is a smartphone that runs on Android 2.3 or up. What is Image to Text (OCR) OCR or Image …

How to Save Instagram Videos

How to Save Instagram Videos to Your Phone

There are some really cool Instagram videos. Wouldn’t be cool to have them on your phone? No matter if it is yours or others, here is how to save videos from Instagram. Many people think that saving the Instagram videos is not easily possible. The reality is different and with a simple app, you can …

Image to text app

Image To Text Android App Review by GiveMeApps

Today, GiveMeApps has released a review about our Image to Text Android app. We are very proud of the review