We’ve all been there: you find the funniest, most meme worthy video on Twitter and you want to save it for just the right occasion to spring on your significant other, best friend, co worker, or cat. But anyone who’s ever tried to download an embedded video from Twitter has attempted the nine step process that involves opening up seven different screens, twelve apps, and probably your alarm clock, just because you’re so confused. The new Twitter video downloader allows for anyone to download and save twitter pictures and videos on their devices. This new application from HMA Labs has revolutionized the way we use social media. With this new app; forget about the download steps, you have it all by the click of a button. The best thing about the application is that one does not need to be a twitter user. All you need is link!!

Use your twitter video downloader for easy downloads

This app is the rare bird that allows you to download Twitter vids directly on to your Android device without having to go through the seven or eight steps that other downloaders require. After installing the twitter video downloader, you simply copy the URL of your desired video, paste it into the app, press download and voila. It can either go onto your device or into a collection of videos on the app itself (for those of us with precious little storage space). You’re also free to share the videos anywhere you’d like including Websites, Social Media and YouTube.

Your chances of going viral just got so much better!

TweetLord Download Twitter VideosThis twitter video downloader even helps save on data charges. Any avid video watcher will tell you that the drain on their data is one of the only things that can ruin a series of adorable clips of baby goats. TweetLord helps you get around the dreaded data drain, as it saves your videos offline for you to watch them whenever and wherever you want. Plus, the app has its own media player so you don’t have to download another player to access the videos, which saves you further hassle.
One of the best features of TweetLord is that when they say the app is free, they mean it. There are no in app purchases or coins you’ll need to unlock all of the features. So you can download to your heart’s content without having to invite your friends or watch some tutorials or any of the other sneaky ways that developers use to coax some in-app purchases from you. Not only does the app work more efficiently than any other Twitter video downloader, it’s also been designed with you, the video collector, in mind. How many apps can say that?

You can use the twitter video downloader without a twitter account

Perhaps the best part of using TweetLord is that you don’t even have to have an account on Twitter to download videos from the site. You just grab the URL and save it to your collection, without having to manage the labyrinth of hashtags and trending topics that can feel so overwhelming. If an article or post that you’ve read features a Twitter video that you just have to have, you’re free to use it, no strings attached. Of course, it’s always best to credit the source! If you’re going to use it on your own website or blog, ask permission before posting. But hey, momentarily sticking your toe into the Twitterverse is far outweighed by not having to bathe in its multitudes. Thanks to TweetLord, you’ll be too busy watching videos to notice!

You can get the latest version of this awesome app by visiting the official Google Play store page here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hmalabs.tweet_lord

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