InstaLord The Instagram Video DownloaderWe can all agree that Instagram is an excellent application. But the double tap feature can only be so good for so long. An Instagram video downloader is the only wish for most Instagram users when they see a video and don’t have the means to save it to their own devices. Here is where third party applications come into play. They are created to improve user experience on other sites. For example, the inability to download videos and photos directly from Instagram. Well, all those good videos and images on IG that you would love to have your device have been made available courtesy of HMA Labs through their new app. called InstaLord.

InstaLord is the latest sensation for Instagram users because it allows for you, as the user to fully exploit Instagram. Available on the play store, the application is one of many developed by HMA labs as a third-party application to improve user experience on other applications. HMA Labs have made sure that their new baby on the market gives the user a unique experience. Once as user downloads the application, the app. avails a new Instagram experience.

The new Instagram Video Downloader features

The new Instagram Video Downloader
With this new application, it is not all about videos, but your entire Instagram experience. As a third-party application, this new Instagram video downloader has outdone itself. Here are some of the few features about the new app that will blow your mind away.

Download videos and photos with just a click – Yes, a click and you have that video or photo in your device. How cool is that? The application is not only limited to videos but also offers you the option to save or download photos from Instagram.  Remember this can be your own on Instagram or your friend’s videos and photos. As if that is not enough, the application does the unthinkable. With this application, an Instagram profile picture is there for the taking. No more DMs asking for that cute dog picture your friend has on their profile. Manage all your videos and photos

Manage all your videos and photos with ease – Most third-party applications don’t allow for the users to manage their online and offline gallery. By managing, I mean editing, saving, or deleting them. This new application allows for users to save or delete videos and photos easily. Imagine an app that will help you edit then crop a picture before you save it or post it.

Improved sharing options – Those picnic videos and pictures are just too many to share. No more of that. With InstaLord, users can share multiple videos and photos at the same time. You can also use the repost feature which allows you to post downloaded videos back to Instagram.

A unique Instagram video downloader

Unlike the competition in the market, this application is made for the user. It comes with a tutorial to help the user understand the advanced features of this NexGen app. With no registration required the application is available for everyone. The application is available for both Android and IOS users. And finally, for more entertainment, InstaLord comes with a built-in media player.

InstaLord is available on Google Play app store for free and can be found here:

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