There are some really cool Instagram videos. Wouldn’t be cool to have them on your phone? No matter if it is yours or others, here is how to save videos from Instagram.

save Instagram videos

Save Instagram Videos

Many people think that saving the Instagram videos is not easily possible. The reality is different and with a simple app, you can download both Instagram video and photos. Our InstaLord app is the only app you’ll need for such cases. Why? Because it is the simplest and the most convenient way to do it.

How to Save Instagram videos with InstaLord

First, download InstaLord from Google Play for free. Then find a video you want to save/download on your phone. After that, all you need to have is the URL of the video. Get it and copy it within the app. Then you can save the video and you will be instantly able to share it wherever you like. It is a great way to gain popularity or use the app to create great content with reedits and reshares.

How To Save Instagram Photos With InstaLord

InstaLord’s best features is downloading Instagram videos, however, you can easily download photos. The principle is the same, you take a photo URL, copy it and you can use it as you want. You can share it directly within the app or you can edit and use it for your own purposes.

Final Thoughts – Easiest Way to Get Instagram Photos & Videos

Hope this clarified many things about Instagram videos and photos. They are downloadable and you can do it with few taps with the free tool for the Android platform – InstaLord. It’s the easiest way to get Instagram photos & videos.

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