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Image to Text

Today, GiveMeApps has released a review about our Image to Text Android app. We are very proud of the review. This will only push us to continue developing great Android Apps. The review of Image to Text app, or OCR, contains a brief description of the app. The reviewer started off by going through the main features and how the app works. However, at the end of the video he mentioned something about accuracy, which is why makes Image to Text the best OCR Android app. As we claimed in our Google Play listing that the accuracy is more than 90%, but the reviewer clearly stated this app is by far the most accurate OCR Android app in the market. He even tested the app with 2 different pictures and they were all successfully converted into text with 100% accuracy. He then tested the translator, which is another great tool that the app provides. The reviewer tested English to Spanish then to Chinese for the first picture. Then he tested English to Spanish then to German.

To talk a little bit about this awesome app, we like to think of it as a great tool that converts an image to text, that can be used in your device later on. This tool is great for people who don’t want to re-type that is printed to focus on things that are more important. This tool is very easy to use. Just take a picture of what you want to scan and the app will do its magic. It’s a free app that works on more Android devices. Please keep in mind that the minimum required Android version is 4.1.

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