Image to Text OCR ScannerIf you are in the search for an app that will help you convert image to text with an Android phone, we have a simple app that will do magic for you and all you need is a smartphone that runs on Android 2.3 or up.

What is Image to Text (OCR)

OCR or Image To Text apps are used in cases when you need to take a text from a scanned document or a photo taken with a camera. This often appears as a need to students and workers that do a lot of administrative work.

In order to do fast, simple and accurate conversion you need to download a good free OCR app on your Android device. Image to Text (OCR) is one of the best and we will use it as an example.

The app enables to either take a photo of the scanned doc or image and instantly convert it to text. You can convert only part of the image as well. You can then use the converted text as you want.

What the Image to Text (OCR) app also enables is instant translation and editing of the text. Rarely you will find such feature in other apps. The app is light, intuitive and supports tons of international languages.

The app uses your camera to do the scans and currently it is one of the most downloaded and best rated Image to Text apps.

So, if next time you are wondering how to convert image to text, be sure to use the best OCR app with the greatest accuracy and editing features. Nowadays, it is easy to convert any image or document to text and with the use of your Android device you will be able to do it with few simple taps.