Image to TextAt one point, each person has tried to convert a hardware copy of a document to text that is usable by a computer and other software. Scanners came and saved the day by allowing one to derive text from paper. And then turn them into usable digital formats like Microsoft Word. Scanners were bulky, and thus mobile applications were made for portability and accessibility. Optical character recognition applications (OCR) were installed in phones to help people perform simple tasks like to convert PDF to Word. The problem is that most of the applications that were made to help convert image to text, were not good at it. A new app in the market called the Image to Text (OCR Scanner) is a revolutionary application. It makes the conversion of an image to text easier and better than ever before. Image to Text is an android application developed by HMA Labs that enables the user to convert images to text better than any product in the market. Here are some features of the new application that make it stand above the rest in the market.It is multi-lingual

It is multi-lingual and can Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to wordMost OCR or image to text application in the market are limited to the use of one language. It restricts the ability of the user to convert PDF to Word when the original content is in a different language let us say, German. With the new Image to Text application, users are exposed to the use of more than 90 different languages. It means that one can convert images printed in Spanish or any other language as it is not limited English. The application also supports dual languages on the same page. As if this is not enough, once the image has been converted, it can be translated within the application to any language of your choice. The translation rates at 98% accurate. The inbuilt direct translation feature supports the translation of more than 60 languages so far. How cool is that? Well, if you are a linguist. This is recommended for you.

Proofread and edit

Proofread and spellcheck with Smart CorrectWhen one uses the Image to text application on a document, they need not worry about proofreading and editing. We can all agree that editing and proofreading are daunting tasks left to those who love the art of writing. With an inbuilt spell-checker and proofread, the new application relieves the user from worrying about grammar and syntax error in their documents. This is a game changer!

Saves all your work

One of the primary fundamental functions of this application is the ability to save all scanned documents in whatever format the user requires. Unlike other applications in the market that discard the original file, this one allows for one to save the scanned files in whatever format they see fit.

Final word

For those seeking to convert your images to text or pdf to text, the Image to Text application is the right tool for you. Aside from its multilingual abilities, the application comes with a
user-friendly interface focusing on the comfort of the client. The application also supports the conversion of a wide variety of image files. Including PNG, JPEG and, JPG just to mention but a few.

You can download and install Image to Text Android app from the Google Play store and enjoy the new Convert PDF to Word feature:

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