Facebook is among the giants of social media. Here, information flows and is shared in many forms. The video is one of the popular means of sharing information, data or just having fun on this platform. The videos on Facebook can either be shared on, or downloaded by viewers for their personal use. For those like me who like to have their videos on their devices, downloading is the best option. But the list of third party applications to download videos on Facebook is long and one might be spoilt for choice. Well, trouble yourself no more, FaceLord is the ultimate Facebook Video Downloader. With features beyond your average downloader, it is a must have.

From the masters of Android applications, HMA labs have released yet another masterpiece for their clients. FaceLord allows for users to download all forms of videos from Facebook with no hustle.

What the New Facebook Video Downloader Offers

Its uniqueness characterizes pure ingenuity. FaceLord is a bar above other applications on the market because it allows for one to download a Facebook video without being logged into Facebook. How cool is that! Yes, through its copy and paste URL feature, the application can download a video directly from Facebook via the pasted link. All you have to do is download FaceLord, copy the URL and click ‘download,’ voila!! You have the video.

Facebook Video DownloaderThis probably the only Facebook Video Downloader that I have seen come with an inbuilt browser. In case you are asking what that is for, it allows you as the user to easily copy links and download them without a Facebook login.

The other upside to this application is the fact that it is not limited to videos only. It can also be used to download Facebook pictures. After downloading the app comes to your aid and can be utilized in the management of the downloaded photos and videos. This means, through FaceLord, a user can edit, save to a different folder or delete content altogether. As if that is not enough, you can use to repost or share the downloaded picture and videos. Amazingly it can be used to post to other social media as well. Yes… I know, its unheard of.

For tech gurus out there, don’t worry, the application does not take much of the RAM space and runs efficiently. It also has low battery consumption with high performance to reduce slowing down your device.

It’s A More User-Friendly Facebook Video Downloader

Each of us has at one time, or another bumped into an application with a difficult user interface. With FaceLord, that is archaic. The application has a tutorial to help each user understand how to use the application by guiding them through its features. The user interface for both the application and its in-built browser are easy to use and comprehensible. As if that is not enough, the app also comes with an inbuilt music player for your entertainment. Imagine the same application being used for your music, browsing, and downloading. This is like some next generation tech here.
Finally, you need not worry about how to get it. It’s free on the play store and does not require any registration or sign in. so, if you have an Android device, remember, this application is for you.

Here where you can download and install this great app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hmalabs.facelord

As always, please report any bug or send your feedback using the contact us form.