Save Facebook VideosWe all use Facebook on daily basis because there so much great content shared on this social network. Since the introduction of the automatic video playing feature and since last year when Facebook clearly stated that it will show more video content on Facebook feed, more and more content creators started sharing great videos.

Download Facebook videos on Android device

There are tons of videos now on Facebook. If you are a fan of such content, and want to view it offline, or you want to share or use it for your own purposes, you’ll need a Facebook video downloader app. One of the very best, simple, free and easy to use apps is FaceLord Save Facebook Videos. The app is one of the only apps that fully work and that do not require Facebook login.

Downloading video is possible with their in-built browser which requires login to your Facebook or without loging to Facebook with a simple copy-paste of video url.

So the process of downloading Facebook videos on your Android device would be as following;

1. Download FaceLord Save Facebook Videos from Google Play for free.
2. Copy the video url of the Facebook video
3. Download and use it as you want: move it, rename it or share it.

Download Facebook Videos

FaceLord Download Facebook Videos

The app is RAM and battery friendly. Right from the start you will notice that it is coded from a professional talented developing team. The speed, functionality, and performance are amazing in many ways. The app works with Facebook photos as well, so you can use it if you want to download or use Facebook photos.

That’s it! Yes, you can download videos from Facebook on your Android smartphone, and doing it with FaceLord Save Facebook Videos is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do it.

Download and install the Save Facebook Videos app from here: Save Facebook Videos