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Instant Extraction

Instantly convert images into a machine-usable character stream

Translate & Proofread

Ability to translate text to 60 languages along with proofreading

Most Accurate

The most accurate OCR in the market based on users reviews

Phone and tablet versions

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Supports over 90 Languages

Unlike any other OCR app, ours supports over 90 languages including English, Arabic and Chinese.

Cloud Processing

For best results, accurate output, and fast processing, everything is done on our servers.

Supports PDF

Along with supporting all image types, the app works great with PDF files too. PDF to Word has never been easier with this great handy tool

Translate & Proofread

Ability to translate the converted text into more than 60 languages with proofreading and spell-check.


The most accurate OCR in the market based on users reviews with over 98% accuracy for most languages.


Export your text to PDF or text files so they can be used in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. You can export items one-by-one or in bulk.

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image to text limited time offer

Limited Time Offer – Image to Text

We here at HMA Labs are working hard to provide the best experience possible to Image to Text OCR Scanner Android app users. Last week we released a new version that will give users who want to enjoy premium features more options and subscription plans. The plans include monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual subscription plans. …

Convert PDF to Word

Image to Text OCR Scanner: Convert PDF to Word with ease!

At one point, each person has tried to convert a hardware copy of a document to text that is usable by a computer and other software. Scanners came and saved the day by allowing one to derive text from paper. And then turn them into usable digital formats like Microsoft Word. Scanners were bulky, and thus mobile applications were …

Image to Text

How to Convert Image To Text With An Android Phone

If you are in the search for an app that will help you convert image to text with an Android phone, we have a simple app that will do magic for you and all you need is a smartphone that runs on Android 2.3 or up. What is Image to Text (OCR) OCR or Image …