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Instant Extraction

Instantly convert images into a machine-usable character stream

Translate & Proofread

Ability to translate text to 60 languages along with proofreading

Most Accurate

The most accurate OCR in the market based on users reviews

Phone and tablet versions

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Supports over 90 Languages

Unlike any other OCR app, ours supports over 60 languages including English, Arabic and Chinese.

Cloud Processing

For best results, accurate output, and fast processing, everything is done on our servers.

Supports PDF

Along with supporting all image types, the app works great with PDF files too. PDF to Word has never been easier with this great handy tool

Translate & Proofread

Ability to translate the converted text into more than 60 languages with proofreading and spell-check.


The most accurate OCR in the market based on users reviews with over 98% accuracy for most languages.


Export your text to PDF, Word Documents or text files so they can be used in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. You can export items one-by-one or in bulk.


★ Supports over 60 languages.
★ Automatically detect language.
★ Ability to choose a default language.
★ Ability to crop images.
★ Over 98% accuracy.
★ Ability to instantly translate text to more than 60 languages.
★ No need to install language packages. They are all preinstalled for you.
★ Ability to remove all ads.
★ Ability to save text.
★ Option to save scanned documents automatically from settings.
★ Extract saved documents to a txt file.
★ Ability to proofread and spellcheck your scanned text.
★ Supports dual languages within the same document.
★ Supports major image file types including JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, WEBP, RAW and ICO
★ Convert PDF to text – PDF to DOC – PDF to TXT
★ Supports TXT to PDF
★ Award system. Watch videos and earn daily scans.
★ Easy to use.
★ Lightweight app. It won’t take a lot of space.
★ Can be used to scan and convert documents, books, newspapers, billboards, menus, etc.
★ Works great for students who want to copy notes.
★ Compatible with Google Talkback



It’s amazing… 99.9% accurate. I am gonna be a premium user… Thank you, team… Good job

Translate to Arabic

Excellent for reading and then translating to Arabic

Best OCR

I’ve been searching for an OCR app but finally found the best app. Thank you so much

The app Helped Me

Thank you so much. This app really helped me a lot

English and Korean

Very good OCR app for scanning English and Korean text!

Supports Arabic

My favorite OCR app and is the only, and I repeat the only, one that works with Arabic OCR

Using Daily

Best app for text recognition I have found, using daily, fully satisfied.

Best Tool

This is an incredible tool. 10/10

Very Accurate

Great app. It saved me some headache. It bearly make mistake and very easy to use.

Those are real testimonials written by real users taken from Google Play store. For privacy purposes, we have omitted the names and avatars of those reviewers.

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