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Image to text app

Image To Text Android App Review by GiveMeApps

Today, GiveMeApps has released a review about our Image to Text Android app. We are very proud of the review

emotion recognition

Emotion Recognition App Has Just Been Released

Introduction about the Emotion Recognition App This emotion recognition app, or EmoDetect app, takes a facial expression in a photo as an input and returns the confidence across a set of emotions for each face in the image using our state of the art software on our servers. This emotion recognition app analyzes facial expressions and engagement in any photo. It …

Smart app design

Smart App Design

We here at HMA Labs spend a lot of time Smart App Design to let it easy for you to navigate. We accompany the fast growing industry of app designing. However, we don’t take this for granted. For the past couple of years, we released many successful apps and our mission is to produce quality applications …