Definition of Cloud Processing

cloud processing

cloud processing

According to Qusay F. Hassan, Faculty of Computers and Information, Mansoura University, Egypt, Cloud computing, or cloud computing, is a new terminology that was added to IT jargon in early 2007. Still, people overuse this idiom to refer to things that may not relate to its actual definition and scope. Is it all about web hosting? Is it an old thing in new clothes? Why should organizations consider it? IT, business, and academia folks ask about cloud computing with the intent to understand it better. This paper tries to demystify cloud computing by simplifying its terms to readers with different IT interests.

How do we Implement Cloud Processing

When it comes to processing, we handle it all on our servers to let you focus on what you love the most. For fast, easy and smooth cloud processing, we hired one of the best cloud computing companies in the industry. We also take security as our first priority. All of our servers are perfectly secured and continuously being monitored by professionals 24/7. We do not keep sensitive data from users on our servers. They are being permanently and immediately deleted after they are being processed.

Let us take Image to Text app for example. To process the image and convert it to machine-usable text, we send the picture to our servers when it does all the processing and send you back the result. In this way, we keep your device processing-free.

Do not worry, we do not keep any uploaded picture on our servers. They are deleted instantly from the server after the cloud processing is completed.